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I have been hearing a lot about remote proctoring recently. Why is it so important?

Proctoring service prevents cheating during online-exams and proofs integrity of students and their results.

Can a student pay for proctoring by himself/herself?

Not yet. We are working on this and hope that students will have such an opportunity soon.

How is a student identified by Examus?

We use several types of identification:

a) First identification by proctor – proctor checks student's ID and compares ID photo with image received via web cam from student's laptop.

b) Dynamic identification during exam – automatic monitoring that the face has not changed during whole exam.

c) Ex-post identification – the system records student's video and a photo of his/her ID. Afterwards, our proctors or customers' proctors compare these images.

What software and equipment does Examus need?

Test-takers don't need any special devices, but just a standart laptop or PC ( not a tablet) with frontal or external webcam and microphone. Of course, they need to have an access to the Internet.

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